The things no one tells you about moving abroad

Dear Fash,

Since young, I’ve always said to my friends that I would come to England and pursue a life here. I convinced everyone that I was going to leave Singapore one day and find a better life beyond the confines of the island that I now so very much miss.

(Un)luckily for me, talk turned to reality and I was whisked away after completing my ‘O’ Levels to Ellesmere, where I did my ‘A’ levels and then after, to Lancaster to pursue a degree in law.

Before coming to England, I’d assume that my journey would be a walk in the park – that making friends would be easy; that I could adapt to the English culture quickly; that I could maintain relations at home and; that I could excel academically. Funnily, that wasn’t the case (as you would know from seeing me struggle through sixth form).