First Post

Dear Fash,

I’ve made the first post of this blog!

Bet you’re feeling extra proud of me at this very moment!

Remember how easy it was as children to strike conversations and to have a laugh with random people (and friends)?

Talking to you felt like that – easy. I didn’t have to pretend to be someone who I wasn’t, and I also didn’t need to be at my very best, because when I speak to you I can be whatever and whoever I am, and that would be perfectly fine with you.

If only I could get it in my head that speaking to anyone who is currently within a radius of one kilometre of me was like speaking to you, then maybe my life would be a lot easier – would it not?

I can already see you rolling your eyes at this post, but seeing as this blog was created to track my emotional progress in life, you’ll just have to stick with reading this blog because you know that you want to anyway.

Or not, but I like to believe that someone besides my mother takes an interest in my life.

I shall end here because I still have yet to finish my work for tomorrow’s seminar!

Good night,

Your fave asian!



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