Fitting into popularity

Dear Fash,

You must think that I’m crazy because this would be the second post in the last 24 hours, but I am feeling compelled to tell you what I’m about to say.

Rewind to yesterday’s conversation when you said that there are certain people whom you know who try their hardest to fit into the popular groups to the point where it is sad – am I one of them?

I ask this because I realised about 10 minutes ago how well I fit into that description of persons because, 10 minutes ago, I left out person A in a conversation because persons B,C and D, the people I was in conversation with, aren’t very keen on her. Also, I literally let the worst take over me when I’m with persons B,C and D because I feel that I need to step up my game (i.e. be as cool/popular as them because I don’t feel that I am) in order to maintain my friendship with them, which shouldn’t be the case.

So, all this time I’ve been taking the mick and criticising others for doing what I’ve just done (and have probably done in the past), and for why, I don’t know. I suppose I could blame it on human nature but not everyone is the same.

Oh Fash, if only I could change overnight into the saint that I wish I already was…

I shall end here.

Much love,

Your fave asian



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