Seeing the sun although its dark

Dear Fash,

It’s now 2:05am and I’ve just got back from a friend’s place.

This friend of mine is named Wan Han, and odds are that she’ll read this post someday. She’s studying in Lancaster University – like me! Although, she’s in a different college to the one I’m in, so its hard for us to run into one another since we’re on different ends of campus.

Being around her is like being with you, it’s natural and easy – I get to be silly and happy me!

For example, when I was with Wan Han, I was able to sing to my hearts content to songs from my childhood and oh my god, it felt amazing. I could do that with her and her flatmates because they made me feel welcomed, and I knew that I wasn’t going to be judged for the awful singing voice that I have. Whereas in the flat, I’d be terrified to sing because I know that I’d be stopped.

Admittedly, the fact that Wan Han is from home (as in Singapore home) probably explains a lot as to why I feel so at ease with her – it’s the familiarity of our Singaporean humour and our similar cultural backgrounds!

So, if there is something that I am grateful for today, it would be for the amazing Singaporeans friends that I now have in Lancaster, because they’ve helped me to see the sun when its dark by allowing me to be me!

I shall end off here,

Your fave asian!



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