Deepsea Challenge and Generation Y – Where did we go wrong?

Dear Fash,

Today, I virtually explored the Mariana Trench with the help of trusty ol’ Google, which then led me to National Geographic, which then led me to James Cameron and his team!

The Mariana Trench is the deepest point in the ocean – nearly 11km/7miles, which is the equivalent of 113 plus/minus Big Ben’s! Imagine going down that deep into the ocean, there wouldn’t be any light, probably no living fishes/marine life that moves, and the pressure of being in that depth unprotected would mean that you’d be dead instantaneously.

James Cameron and his team would be the second group of explorers to have survived the journey to the trench, out of the three teams that have embarked on this exploration to the trench. The fact that the Mariana Trench has only been explored by three teams and survived by two, underlines the significant organisation, operation, risk, danger, dedication, and determination of Cameron and his team took to fulfil his dreams of travelling to the trench.

Most people could only dream of what Cameron has done, and only few can put it into action. On this planet, everyone has the potential to achieve something big and great in their lives, but most of us end up going down the route of not achieving that something big, but settling with what we get purely because of convenience and laziness. Yes, this is our generation; generation Y.

We’re indeed the lazy yet overly-ambitious humans that roam this planet.  We blame the overly-competitive market for our inability to climb up the corporate ladder, and we hate taking risks and labouring, because why leave the comfort of certainty and ‘netflix and chill’ for something that might not yield the desired outcome of success, money, and fame?

Even in daily living, we as generation Y are so affected by what others think of us that we’ve become so afraid to step out of our comfort zone to try something new or different than what we normally do – I’m the poster child for holding back for fear of judgment and ridicule. For so long, I held back from pursuing dance as an extra activity because I feared that my family and friends were going to judge and mock me. Eventually, when I did muster the courage to take up ballet, my friends and family did mock me, but they did respect and support me in my decision to take up ballet.

In the documentary that was produced (Deepsea Challenger), Cameron’s wife, Suzy, said something along the lines of ‘if you don’t take risks, then nothing gets done’ and nothing progresses. This is so true, and I can vouch for this because I am part of the ballet society, I attend dance classes every Monday evenings, and I am performing tomorrow (which is another risk in itself because I’ve never performed and I swear to God I’m going to mess up somewhere and somehow). More importantly, I have accomplished something and I’ve made progress in my life because now I am more confident, and I am more open-minded to trying new things.

You don’t have to do things as great and big as James Cameron has, it is more than enough to take a risk in what you do in your daily life, and some risks might lead you to failure, but some risks might lead you to success if you work hard at it!

If you don’t try, you don’t know right?

Much love,

Your fave asian!


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