Toilets around the world

Dear Fash,

Recently, my flatmates and I were having a conversation about the world, cultures and way of life.

One of my flatmates was sharing his experience in China and went on to explain how there wasn’t a toilet seat, but a hole on the floor where you’re meant to aim your business in, and then I mentioned that we have those in Singapore as well – they’re called ‘squat toilets’. Following which, another one said “if Singapore is like that, I’m not going to visit you.”

That comment then made me realise that the world is round, and consists of many countries, all with different life styles, traditions, beliefs and values, and I feel so strongly that this is what travelling is meant for: exploration and experiencing these different cultures to their very fullest! Whether you like the experience or you don’t, it will broaden your horizons and/or will let you appreciate what you love about home, wherever you go! Moreover, it builds an understanding towards other cultures, which in the long-run can contribute to achieving harmony with others of different nationalities; and where there is harmony, the world becomes a better place!

So, to everyone reading this post, I hope that one day you will travel the world and open your mind to all the differences around the world, and hopefully you’ll build tons of amazing memories from your travels to keep and share.

Also, before I finish this post, I would like to clarify that Singapore is a really modern city that has toilets, its only in the odd few public places where we still have a hole for a toilet! (Which is cool anyway, it’s very much how our forefathers grew up and reflects some of our national heritage.)

Much love,

Your fave asian!





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