Dear Fash,

This occurred to me: we’re all hypocrites.

As much as people label me as nice, I really am not. I claim that I don’t like talking behind people’s backs, but I do, all the time. I just went to Emma and told her about Ireland’s (what I would like to call) ‘mini hissy fit’.

A classic behavioural trait of Ireland is that he doesn’t take feedback well when they aren’t positive, so when he voiced his opinion on how things should be free since we only live one life and got a discussion which resulted in his opinions being questioned and picked on, he wasn’t a happy bunny. The problem was, no one was saying that he was stupid for having such an opinion – that is his opinion, fair enough. So why he got annoyed when people started questioning his thoughts I don’t know, but you’d expect him to be able to support his theory or take the opinions and criticisms of others respectfully, after all, it is only a discussion/debate.

So anyway, when I spoke to Emma about it, I felt guilty for even talking about it because I like to pride myself for being a person that doesn’t bitch behind others back, and also because a lot of me fears that someone heard me and will report to Ireland about it, which is the last thing I want because it may get construed as me hating Ireland when I don’t; I’ve always maintained that he’s a good friend and that I love him loads even though he often makes me feel shitty or annoys me.

But yes, this incident made me realise that I am a hypocrite, and so is everyone else (unless there is and I’m not aware that amongst us lives a living, breathing saint), and since everyone is a hypocrite, I should be less upset with myself for ranting/bitching/speaking (whatever you want to label it) to Emma about Ireland and just accept the fact that I do have issues with him at times and so does he about me even though we don’t tell each other about it upfront.

So, let us all embrace hypocrisy in our lives!

Your fave asian




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