Soon to be nineteen

Dear Fash,

Again, I apologise for the lack of posts, I’ve been busy with revision and consequently neglected my responsibilities for this blog! Even so, I’m back again and ready for another riveting post!

This week has been a very good week indeed, despite my minimal revision, I’ve done well in my coursework, have just been offered a summer job in the university and have been surrounded constantly this week with laughter, joy and happiness, today especially.

This afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised with a lovely parcel delivered from sunny Singapore onto Lancashire territories – it was a gift from a dear friend of mine from home for my nineteenth birthday. Inside the parcel were food packs of all the wonderful goodies from home: curry paste, chicken rice paste, sweets, a keychain and a lovely card that was hand-made and written by my friend! What I loved so very much about the parcel was not just what it contained, but its greater significance of the strong bonds of friendship between my friend and I, and also the love and care of a friend for my wellbeing – a feeling which I take for granted everyday. So as much as I whine about feeling unable to be free and who I am in the flat, I am still grateful to my flatmates and friends who have still taken the time in the day to speak to me, to get to know me and include me in their lives, even though they don’t always do it in the ways I’d wish them to have done so.

So, on a whole, I couldn’t be any happier with the friends that I have, both from home and the ones that I’ve got here, and I count my lucky stars everyday that I’ve had this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad, which has led me to keeping my lovely friends from home and also making new friends!

In alternative news, exams should not exist.

Your fave asian!


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