Thank you

Dear Fash,

I know that it’s been quite a while since my last post, but that’s alright, because I’m back in action!

The past three weeks have been manic, lot’s of studying and late nights – at this point, my brain’s almost gone to fluff! But, not to worry, I do think that it has all paid off because I seem to have done decently (at least according to my own idea of what is decent). Finally, with exam season drawing to a close, I can finally say goodbye to first year and hello to second year!

It’s scary to think that the year has gone by so quickly, because thinking back to when I was still in secondary school, I couldn’t even think of what it’d be like being in university, or where I’d be in this world, and jump forward three years and here I am in England, pursuing a degree in law at a top 10 university, after two years in an English boarding school.

Insane. I know.

I don’t think words can sum up my experiences so far, but I’m glad that this blog has been around for my journey through my first year in university because looking at my posts and comparing them to how I feel now – I feel like I’ve matured. My feelings towards Ireland, they’ve gotten better and now I mostly feel happiness rather than jealousy when I’m with him, which is so much healthier as compared to where I was a couple of months ago. Every now and again I stumble, but life has always been good to me and those struggles are only but minor falls but each of them teaching me life long lessons.

So thanks Fash, for being the reason behind this blog, which has taught me of the joys and comfort in seeking refuge in writing, and more importantly, for giving me the opportunity to reflect on life and appreciate it more.

I hope you’re having lovely summer weather down south, it’s boiling up in Lancaster!

Missing you lots!

Your fave asian!


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