Being alone

Dear Fash,

Quite a lot has happened since the last post: I’ve moved out of university accommodation into an actual house; and I’ve been on a holiday to Mallorca.

Moving out of halls has been one of the better things which has happened over this summer so far – I’ve finally gotten the much needed space away from people, especially from my flatmates. It’s nice to finally be away from the intensity of constantly being surrounded by individuals and to hide in the comforts of (self-imposed) solitary confinement.

More importantly, it’s nice to not be around Ireland and his posse. The constant waves of jealousy and growth of dislike towards him and his posse have definitely intensified over the course of the last few weeks and has taken a massive toll on me in that I was constantly upset over how I wasn’t getting any attention or how no one saw me as their go-to friend for anything whilst Ireland did. It sucked.

So the time to myself was well overdue and I’m basking in the comforts of being alone for this week before I start work next Friday.

In this time to myself, I don’t want to make it a priority to reflect over why I am jealous of Ireland, or on all the bad things in my life. I’m going to take this week to be selfish, to do the things which I want to do and make this week revolve around me – craving attention from my peers is silly when I can give myself all the attention I want.

So, to everyone out there who’s feeling as crappy as I am, have a break, give yourself the attention that you need/want. Self-indulgence isn’t all too bad as long as you don’t indulge yourself excessively.

Hope you’re well and alive Fash, I haven’t heard from you in ages.

Much love,

Your fave asian


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