Dear Fash,

It’s been a while since I’ve last uploaded – and for very good reasons.

Firstly, my laptop has gone absolutely bonkers so access to the blog wasn’t possible until I had it repaired.

Secondly, Inbound got hectic and it took up everyday of the three weeks that I was working.

Thirdly, I’ve (finally) made it back to sunny Singapore, and I’ve been busy since I landed so there really wasn’t a chance for me to blog at all.

Inbound was an amazing experience. I’ve met so many different individuals and cultures and it was amazing. Especially meeting the Malaysians, they honestly brought home to me with their way of speech and mannerisms. So thanks for that (if you ever read this). Also, to the Pakistanis and the Indians who were just so much fun to be around with! Honest to God, they are the life of the party in this world. The Chinese students were also another source of happiness for me with their kindness and loveliness 24/7 – where in this world can you find such constant flow of pure kindness and loveliness anymore..? The Ghanaians with flawless movements and rhythm, they were such a glorious sight to behold when they’re in their natural element of dancing because where else on this earth can you find a nation so naturally gifted in dancing?

Obviously, there are more things to applaud, as well as differences to note. However, instead on dabbling on that topic, I’ll just focus on the main takeaway message which I received from my three week journey: society and media more often than not paint a negative picture of certain cultures and nations, which in turn create a bigger gap between nations rather than closing these gaps. The classic example is that of Muslims being terrorists – how wrong can this statement be. Through the three weeks, I’d come to meet and befriend so many Pakistanis whom were Muslims, but contrary to media portrayal and ignorant people (i.e. Donald Trump and Nigel Farage) these Muslim Pakistanis were genuinely kind and lovely! One of them even donated £60 for charity purposes whereas I’d only give a pound. So this programme has definitely shown me that the world isn’t as bad of a place as I thought it to be, thus the gaps between nations aren’t all that big. It takes tolerance and understanding of other cultures and races to live harmoniously and practicing such tolerance and understanding maybe could be the solution to peace on a global scale.

The only shame is that Trump is actually real and not a bad dream that you can wake up from – therefore will peace ever happen?

Much love,

your fave asian!