Dear Fash,

This post is very different to everything else that I have posted, because this is the first post I’ve done on infatuation, or as the youths call it ‘a crush’.

So of late, I’ve noticed this one person quite a lot at uni. We had seen each other last year whilst we were in the queue to get into the club, but since then I hadn’t seen him around. But plot twist: he’s suddenly reappeared in my life this term, and I constantly run into him. I think we both seem to know that we are intrigued (for a lack of a better word to use) about one another since we see each other often but don’t actually speak, yet we don’t even try to acknowledge each other when we cross paths.

However, this could be a complete figment of my imagination out of pure desperation to want him to speak to me because I think he’s attractive. It probably is.

Oh well, as much as my fantasies are non-existent, I’m not going to deny that infatuation (deadly and creepy as it may be), is quite an exciting time in life. The last time I ever got that excited about something was Christmas when I was 6 and still believed that Santa existed.

Anyway, time to leave this phase of my 19 year-old life aside. I’ve got exams to pass.

Catch you later Fash, hope you’re enjoying this lovely weather that we’re having now.

Much love,

your fave asian




Hello Fash,

We’ve now done a full 360 and come back to sunny days in England (temporarily at least). Sadly, nothing much has changed since last year since the sun still mocks my grief.

Lovely times really.

Much love,

Your fave asian