Part Two of Three

Dear Fash,

Oh my days the academic year has flown by so quickly hasn’t it.

I haven’t posted much this year. A lot of it comes down to complacency, and a massive chunk of it is because I’ve been happy for a large proportion of the year, hence there was a lack of desire to rant or be pessimistic.

Still, there have been the many moments where I have been down or faced with some issues etc. Thus, now that the year has ended, I will reflect and sum up some of the many major lessons I’ve learnt this year.

On friendship:

  1. There are friendships that will come and go – and when it is time for the friendship to go, you’re best letting go if need be, because letting go may bring you peace of mind rather than holding on to a friendship that will gradually become foggier to manoeuvre in
  2. Friendships can also come from the most unexpected person, so give everyone a fair chance as much as you possibly can within your own means – I mean, who would’ve thought Ireland and I are now best friends after all the pain I felt from him last year
  3. Never ever rank your friendship based on the number of pictures you take with your friends, or the number of tags you get on facebook etc. Trust me when I tell you that measuring friendship on based on social media behaviour/posts is only a recipe for disaster – your friendship shouldn’t be what others see on the screen but it should be based on what you genuinely feel about the person and what he/she feels about the friendship


On expectations:

  1. Expect nothing, and you won’t be hurt, period. This isn’t the easiest thing to do, I still struggle to not expect anything off anyone, but without a doubt the day that I master this will be the day that I become happier
  2. Yet, set realistic expectations for yourself according to circumstances – in the academic year I’ve faced tonnes of set backs grade wise. Had I not stopped to re-evaluate my circumstances and re-plan my goals and aspirations accordingly, I reckon I would’ve crashed and burned a long time ago


On boys (I know, the last thing you’d expect from me to talk about):

  1. Never, and I mean never, go on a night out with the slightest of purpose/intent to see/flirt/interact with the person you fancy. Just don’t. Yes, it does work sometimes, but if you’re like me and is completely incapable of flirting/interacting with the opposite sex, then any opportunity will just be … shit. I say this because the one time my crush spoke to me, I replied with a ‘yes, I’m fine’ and a swift walk away from him because I was too nervous to say anything else. At any other time I see him (which is loads) I couldn’t even bring myself to speak to him at all because I get cold feet even though my heart is racing and telling me to go say hi.
  2. Therefore, don’t fancy anyone if you can help it, saves you the heartbreak and mental dilemma that comes with any attempts at trying to get to know him


So, with these three issues covered, I think I’ve covered (essentially) the main issues in my life (or at least some of the many).

I hope you’re well Fash, missing you loads and wishing you a happy summer break!

Much love,

your fave asian



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